Print Re-imagined?

Discovering your latest digital concept shouldn’t be overwhelmingly difficult. Many of the people we meet have a broad idea of what they want, and then they call us in to re-imagine their 2D sketches and print ideas into a 3D, digital, multi-platform space. At the end of it, the thinking is always directed back to the strategic core principle “what is the requirement of this piece of work?”

Set yourself up for a great briefing

Plan for your production process

Faster project turn-around

Here are our top six tips for a project leader considering embarking on a digital project.

6 ways to improve your digital endeavours

  1. A collaborative open environment – create a space where you can openly discuss the key business objectives. Allocate ample time to discuss and hear feedback from the digital team about if these are realistic and achieveable with the digital space.
  2. Pitching is not necessarily the best – whilst pitching is a great way to get a lot of creative feedback and ideas, it’s often focussed on the ‘big idea’ and uses a non-tech team.  Anyone who has worked in digital, knows that a well-oiled digital piece of work actually needs a lot of highly detailed elements to come together. The think big mentality will hamper the outcome if there is a bias of non-tech people on the ideas team, but all in all if you are going to get a pitch on digital work, you might have to think about how you are going to handle the scope.
  3. Tech creative, needs tech minds – there is sometimes a gap too large in technical understanding for non-tech originating ideas to be relevant to the media you are choosing to participate in. Allow your non-creative players space to contribute, but leave the final design with the tech experts.
  4. One unified language for all – one thing that we strive for is dejargonisation. The elimination of buzz words, tech speak and gobbedly gook. “Run a build” or “make an updated app?” ensure the digital team you end up choosing isn’t using the buzz words to impress you (or distract and delay you).
  5. Timeline – if you want to get 10,000 viewers or 1,000,000 hits, ensure you understand how much effort it takes to produce a stable piece of digital work.  In the final stages, it’s easy to get frustrated by bug fixes (problems) and delays, but this is an inevitiable part of the work and needs to be handled in the timeline
  6. Platforms change constantly – Get your IT involved early . If the project is to be displayed on your internal site or hosted domain, ensure you get the headsup on any upgrades. The same with iOS and Android operating system releases, you should always have budget to upgrade your project when Apple or Google decides they need to move.

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About Kingi

In 1997 Kingi made a creative start at an advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi. Then, for five years was involved in the video game business, firstly in distribution and then as a developer. In 2004 Kingi started Ignite Studios and has been freelancing on all types of digital projects.

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