Hi there!  I’m Kingi…

Thanks for visiting. In 1997 I made my creative start at an advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi. Then, for five years I was involved in the video game business, firstly in distribution and then as a developer. In 2004 I started Ignite Studios and have been freelancing on all types of projects.

Part of my day-to-day interest involves researching methodologies that cross-over between marketing research and interactive development processes. Otherwise, if I am required as an designer, editor or builder I prepare work for marketing & advertising agencies using Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Edge Animate, Edge Reflow, Premier Pro, After Effects and Flash CC. I operate a Canon 5D MarkII camera.

Here’s my online resume:



I remember my interest in gadgetry starting when my Aunty Leslie gave me a unique toy – a record player / helicopter flyer thing.  I’d call out “blabella, blabella” for ‘propeller’.  Then not long after my mum and dad returned from a tour of the USA (National New Zealand Band), they gave me a model of the Space Shuttle Discovery.

At a young age, my grand-dad (Kingie) would often take me into his ‘tinker parlour’ for the day and teach me how to make stuff – a wooden aircraft carrier , a wooden helicopter, fishing lures, sinkers and general electronics. Once that game was over I would sit down and thrash out some random noise on his electric organ. Then one-day my cousin came over with this toy called the ‘Millenium Falcon’. Jealous much?   “Star Wars?”  That sounds pretty cool.  “You mean fights in space?”.   After what seemed like an eon of waiting my dad took me to the big cinema in Auckland and not long after that the path was set, I wanted to be an pilot and an astronaut.

I’d stay in my room and make model airplanes – Lancaster Bomber, ME104, Spitfire(s), FockeWolfe 190’s (my favourite design), Mirage.  I’d research all the engines, their performance and endurance.  I created a master battle of the skies in my bedroom and imagine being one of the great fighter aces, with a jedi light sabre.  A lot of my childhood was absorbed in flying planes and figuring out how to migrate my way into NASA, my favourite movies of the time became to be “the Right Stuff” and “Space Camp”… much to the chargrin of my twin sisters who wanted to watch ‘Jem and the Holograms’.  My friends has Amstrad 64’s, Commodores, Nintendo on floppy disks and when we got our first computer, I dabbled in making vector graphics in BASIC. I had to follow the manual step by step though and didn’t understand anything.  But I tell you what, I clocked Bubble Bobble pretty quickly and even found a few secret levels.

Then at the age of 12 I got glasses (perhaps it was too much computer time) and I already knew that jet pilots could not wear glasses or contact lenses due to the gravitational forces.  Then I discovered our Airforce was equipped with Harrier Jets (VTOL vertical takeoff and landing) and relatively outdated compared to  F18’s.  What’s worse the New Zealand Air Force (NZRAF) had only 8 Harrier pilots!  So, I began asking myself, “what is the likely hood of a person with glasses making their way to NASA via the NZRAF? ” Hmm…

However, it didn’t take me long to be distracted by girls and sports.  I was also studying Māori and Pacific Island culture and dancing. After my final year of school (1994), I went to this public audition and was selected to live and work at Universal Studios in Salou, Spain. Upon return to New Zealand, I took up study in commerce and advertising, got drafted to work at Saatchi & Saatchi after some great grades.  But you can read the rest of my CV later…