The uber-coolness of NZ wines

Ok, ok, maybe the word ‘uber’ makes it uncool and the fact I’ve been away six months in surf land (Hawaii) may make me a little skewed, but, as a Kiwi and as a Māori boy I feel pretty chuffed that New Zealand wine makers, one group of the the connoisseurs of cool, choose Māori names and artwork to adorn their products. These tasty grape palette creations are all the rage with Māori tohu (motif) and identity.

The art direction on the label to the left looks super nicely done, simmering aquas gloss/shine on matt black. To the right ‘Tohu’ with a strong koru motif emblazoned on the label makes it sure you know this wine is from Aotearoa.

I agree – what better way to create an international distinction than by being Māori inspired or reflective.

Yes, Tohu is part of the Wakatu Incorporation tribal infrastructure, a company run under the auspices of an onto-it group of Māori asset owners. But a lot of wine companies are not and this is certainly a strong indication that Māori artwork is of value.

Sure, there is an alternate side to this, the discourse on how much culture is ‘ok’ to use and how much is just a plain rip-off, but for now let’s just enjoy a glass under the Pohutukawa and take a moment to reflect on how cool New Zealand can be.

Kia ora!

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