Four arts a digital producer should know

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A digital producer will possess design skills and creative experience that parallels to those of a multimedia designer, a webmaster, or a graphic designer Рall at once. This qualifies their ability to supervise a multifaceted project.  Usually a digital producr has worked themselves up through one or two disciplines.  Digital producers are usually fluent with the following software and languages:

  1. Visual arts: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premier;
  2. Sound arts: Pro Tools, Logic, Sound Forge, Reason;
  3. Programming languages: HTML, CSS, XML, C+, JAVA, AJAX;
  4. Construction tools: Flash, Dreamweaver, Prog file editor;

Here at Ignite, we run all of the above on both PC and MAC (but the Mac is our production workhorse). We have an audio monitoring and recording environment that is ideal for voice overs and voice sampling, as well as high resolution display monitors that are colour matched to professional digital printer settings.

About Kingi

In 1997 Kingi made a creative start at an advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi. Then, for five years was involved in the video game business, firstly in distribution and then as a developer. In 2004 Kingi started Ignite Studios and has been freelancing on all types of digital projects.

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